Although as a child Sandra Blair was isolated from great museums and style influences, her artistic world developed through the sights and sounds of the countryside and farming community of the 1950's Midwest.  Through childhood experiences like playing in the earth and observing the shades of blue in the sky on a lazy day, Sandra developed a sense of seeing the artistic harmony in the natural world presented to her.  There were always beautiful flowerbeds and many fields of strawberries, clover, soybeans, and corn.  She was greatly influenced by an artistic family including her father who worked with metal and wood and her mother who created with textiles.

Formal art classes in high school and college piqued her interest in the arts but she is primarily self-taught.  After raising a family and working throughout her life in the health care industry, she has endeavored to continue her love of art and has now retired to focus on her love of painting.

Working in a variety of media (watercolor, acrylic, and oil) allows her a wide range of choices to best express her connection to nature.  "With nature and the human spirit I continue to explore color, light, and harmony to create paintings symbolic of what I see and feel."  Sandra's intent is to create art that is beautiful with harmony, anchored in nature and that will resonate with the viewer.